Why Charter A Boat

Josh and I wanted to start a charter business because we love the water. We both were born and grew up on the west side of Michigan and we have spent our whole lives on the water. Both our families have had boats for what seems like forever, we are all avid fisherman, well maybe not me so much, I find it extremely boring but it can be fun when you have a group of people and make an adventure out of it. It the times when you have to get up early and spend the day on a quiet lake that bores me, I don’t mind it so much on the big lakes because you have to always be aware of your surroundings because anything could happen on the big lakes.

If you go far enough out you can almost pretend that you are in the ocean, granted the waves are never as big as the ocean but you can pretend that it’s a calm day. You can catch some pretty big fish on the Great Lakes and I love taking people out who love fishing because they have the greatest time. There are some times though when our guests don’t catch anything and that is a bummer because I feel like I failed to take them to a good spot for fishing but I know that it’s not that but that there are just times when the fish just are not biting. But still I always want people to have the best time they can so that they will want to come back.

We take our guests around to as many piers and lighthouses as well, this is my favorite thing to, more than the fishing. Lighthouses are such an amazing place. There is so much history surrounding lighthouses, why they were put there, the people who manned them and each ones specific purpose. Every story is different and each one is unique to the area. People love looking at the lighthouses, most of them are still active today because we still have a lot of shipping boats traveling around the Great Lakes. You can travel from one to another, they all connect, even though some of the path is a tight squeeze for some of the journey.

Summer time, of course, is the best time to take a charter out on the lakes but we run them all year long, weather permitting. We don’t let a little bad weather stop us from going out on the water, just when the weather can be hazardous. Such as during a thunder storm or when a blizzard is approaching. Most people don’t mind a little rain, however, we do notice that we are much busier during nicer weather than bad but we still have appointments when the weather is not at her best. Which makes sense. We have three boats that are manned by three people a piece at all times, this way we can get the most people out when we need to.

I hope all of you who read this come to Michigan at least once in your life to experience this awesome state.

Thanks, Donna